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Student Testimonials
( References from ALL current students are available upon request! )
"The fact that our 10-year old son is disappointed when he has to miss a piano lesson is a true testament to Frank's ability as a teacher. Our son not only practices the lessons Frank asks him to do, but we also hear him playing around on the piano and making things up on his own. Frank has truly shown him how to enjoy the piano."
- Scott DeMoss, Corie Heller, San Diego, CA.
"We had tried 3 other piano teachers for our son and although he wanted to learn how to play, he wasn't having any fun and actually dreaded his lessons. Since Frank started teaching, our son looks forward to his lessons, wants to play on his own, and is really enjoying learning piano. Frank is a very special teacher."
- The Shaffer Family, Carlsbad, CA.
"Frank is a fabulous piano teacher. My daughter is able to concentrate and have fun at the same time. She always ends her lessons with a smile."
- D. L. Steinberg, Carlsbad, CA.
"Frank is just a great teacher, period. He never says 'No' or 'Not that way' or anything like that. He says, 'Ok, great! Now let's try it this way.' In my own teaching, I try to be just like Frank!"
- Gary Cottrell, San Diego, CA.
"Our daughter has been taking lessons with Frank for about 8 months now, and I have never had to persuade her to practice. She always looks forward to her lessons. She has learned so much that now she can sit down and play songs and read music. Also, she likes the games and prizes Frank incorporates into the lessons."
- The Stahl Family, Carlsbad, CA.
"My 8-year old son and I take lessons from Frank. My son enjoys his lessons and likes Frank. He especially enjoys the board games that Frank has adapted to piano knowledge. The reward stickers and "prize bag" also make the lessons fun and enjoyable. I like my adult lessons because Frank tailors them for me. I pick out songs, and Frank teaches me how to play them!"
- Erin Finley, San Diego, CA.
"As an adult piano player, I wanted to learn how to play but not feel the pressure to play perfectly or practice two hours a day. Frank makes learning the piano fun, non-threatening, and easy to do. I am SO GLAD I found Frank for a teacher because I look forward to my lessons, and I am learning how to play some great music."
- Andrea Rad-Montgomery, San Diego, CA.
"My family has been blessed to have Frank for a piano teacher. He is very kind and patient with all ages."
- Kathy Schlientz, Santee, CA.
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