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Piano Lessons
Can Piano Lessons Really Be Fun?
Pianoboy Can piano lessons be fun? Can the drudgery and unrealistic demands many other piano teachers inflict on their students be avoided? Can my child really develop a sincere love and appreciation for music and the piano? Pianist and teacher Frank Hood eagerly answers, "Yes!" to all of these questions.

The Piano Studio of Frank Hood realizes that no two students are exactly alike, so lessons are carefully custom-tailored for each student based on THEIR desires, interests, and ability level.
  • Every student receives one-on-one, individualized piano instruction in an easy, relaxed, stress-free setting. Frank does not restrict his students to one particular series of piano method books, nor does Frank place limits on what styles or kinds of music a student wants to learn. Whether it's Beethoven, boogie-woogie, or the blues, Frank will help his students explore, learn, and master the music!
  • Every student deserves positive feedback on their performance and progress. Frank believes that there is always something good to find in every student's performance. Rather than focusing on the one or two notes that were played incorrectly, Frank focuses on all the other remaining notes that were played beautifully. Of course, supportive attention is given to students to show them various practice methods and strategies which will fix any difficult passages where problems with note-reading and rhythm might be occurring.
  • Every student is encouraged to set goals, "reach for the stars", and "dream big" regarding their interest in music and the piano. Some of Frank's students have done very well in the annual Southwest Music Festival competitions held each spring in San Diego. Others are encouraged to pursue their interest in composing music. Older students who play other instruments besides the piano are encouraged to participate in their school's orchestra or concert band.
  • Every student is given realistic techniques and guidelines for efficient piano practice that are not over-demanding. Frank realizes that most of his students have many other interests and commitments besides piano lessons, so he will never demand unrealistic practice requirements from his students.
Lesson Details
Pianogirl Lessons for the younger students always include challenging and fun games that reinforce musical concepts taught during the lessons. Fun prizes are awarded periodically when students demonstrate mastery and above-average skill. Lessons for adults explore various styles of music including classical, the 12-bar blues, and popular music. All piano lessons explore basic and advanced music theory concepts such as chord building, intervals, and scales. No matter how old a student is, there's always something fun, educational, AND different happening at each lesson that keeps them interested, motivated, and (most importantly) smiling! Lessons truly are custom-tailored to what YOU want to learn!

You will be learning at YOUR OWN PACE and playing the music that YOU want to play. Some younger students enjoy learning how to compose their own music, so Frank uses a creative piano course that gives future composers a solid basis in compositional techniques. Other students desire to learn a few basic chords that will enable them to easily play standard sheet music -- Frank has a different approach for teaching that. And, with over 25 years of piano experience performing classical music himself, Frank can even help those students who want to tackle the more difficult classical compositions or who are ready to move on to more challenging repertoire after obtaining a solid, formal foundation in the basics.
Benefits of Taking Piano Lessons
  • Concentration is Strengthened - Reading music requires total concentration. While playing the piano, the student must concentrate on reading two lines of music, while using ten fingers, both ears, and one foot. Learning to play the piano allows a child to exercise all these skills in a constructive manner.
  • Hand-eye Coordination Improves - Children who take piano lessons often perform better in sports because reading music develops hand-eye coordination.
  • Self-discipline Improves - Through weekly piano lessons, consistent practice and performance, students graduate to a higher level of self-discipline.
  • Creativity is Nurtured - Music inspires creative thinking and encourages children to explore their imagination.
  • Memory is Developed - Memorizing music involves visual, aural, analytical, and kinesthetic (muscle) memory.
  • Self-Confidence is Gained - Performing on the piano in front of a teacher, a family member, other students, or an audience instills confidence and helps a child to overcome shyness.
  • Self Esteem is Boosted - Completing a difficult task, such as learning a new piece of music, can be very rewarding. This allows a piano student to feel good about what they have achieved. Knowing they are becoming a skilled pianist, while experiencing each accomplishment of learning a new piano piece, bolsters self-esteem. This is further enhanced when a student performs a piece at a recital or in other public settings.
  • A Lifelong Interest and Appreciation in Music is Established - Once a student learns to simultaneously read music and play the piano, they may carry this skill forward into their adult life and derive great enjoyment from it. They will appreciate the performing arts and possibly maintain an active interest in them as an adult.
Piano Lessons In Your Home!
Unlike most piano teachers, Frank Hood teaches piano lessons either in your home or at his home in Chula Vista. He discovered early on, however, that active San Diegans prefer the convenience of a mobile piano teacher who will come to them. Frank currently teaches in Carlsbad, Santee, Rancho Santa Fe, North Park, and Chula Vista. For those students who still desire to travel out for their piano lessons, Frank's home is located in Chula Vista between the I-5 and I-805 freeways.
The Piano Studio of Frank Hood takes pride in having all of its students perform in public. Therefore, student piano recitals are held twice a year, giving school-aged students a chance to perform for family and friends. While participation in student recitals is NOT mandatory, it is highly encouraged. Recent recitals have even featured high school piano students performing their own piano compositions that were written during piano lessons! Other recitals have featured some of Frank's piano students performing pieces on other musical instruments that those students are studying elsewhere. Believing that any piano teacher should "practice what they preach," Frank himself performs a classical number or two at every student recital as a way to inspire and motivate his students onward to accomplishing more musical goals.
Professional Affiliations
Frank is an active member of both the Music Teachers National Association and the California Association of Professional Music Teachers.
Frank is also a member of the Americans for the Arts Action Fund.
Student References
Please visit the Student Testimonials Page by clicking here for testimonials from current piano students enrolled in The Piano Studio of Frank Hood. As always, references from ALL current adult students and parents of younger students are available upon request so that you may personally contact them yourself.

Please call Frank at (619) 947-2335 or click here to send him an email if you are interested in piano lessons.
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